Aurélie Poelvoorde,
well-known Belgian personality of
the HOLLYWOOD Foreign Press Association, (U.S.A)
the National Academy of Recording Arts (U.S.A),
Belgian Cinematographic Federation, (Belgium)
the famous CANNES Festival,(France)
Fédération belge des Photographes, (Belgium)
BIFFF_ BRUSSELS International Fantastic Film Festival, UNIFRANCE, Cinematographic Artisctic Association of JAPAN,

she is the famous Managing Director of Top Artist Agency located in the Belgian Ardenne, and she’s crossing and
helping people coming from all around the world, searching to find out the best way to practice the positions of movie
actors, top models for photographers… So, through her rich backround knowledges from art universities, various
personal professional experiences in the artist world even as top model and booker for various international agencies,
and relevant importance she’s granted to the management of emotions, energies, she is really fully invested in sharing
her knowledges without limits in the art of expressing ourselves in all its forms, surrounded by many renowned
directors and producers of Belgian and foreign films, writers, stylists, photographers, designers and movie stars, and
the best collaborators in the world of culture and artistic information.

An exceptional woman who is not limited to appearances and degrees obtained from the persons who she’s coaching. Finally someone who really finds out who you are, or more for which rule you seems to match with the artistic profile you have, the authentic artistic person hidden under your staging, which will allow you through its unique training not only to get to know you better, but also to change your life by deeply transforming yourself by analyzing your deep self, your emotions, your reasons for living, and daring to live life… Aurélie POELVOORDE provides you rich courses in real conditions with well-known people in the artistic world in order to be : models to pose for photographs for exhibitions (galleries), books and artistic works, professional photographic magazines, Prestige models (fashion shows with top designers), Born actor? You will be selected according to your memory and interpretation aptitudes, and according to the deep intuition and professional and natural feeling of Aurélie. The main support for the actor is the text but he/she can also uses mime, dance or singing, according to the needs of his/her role, in musical films.

No, she is not Josephine, guardian angel. She won’t put stars in your eyes And does not claim to take away the moon or a fortune.

But you can, right now , by being motivated, by your wish and commitment to your artistic development, following exclusive training given by Aurélie Poelvoorde and by bathing directly in the artistic world among professionals of the photography, the cinema and the castings, real experiences over several places in Belgium and abroad, live the existence you dream of. Whether you’re 16 or 72, it’s never too late to find your rightful place, a place for you and nobody else ! Because, you are unique…

Interested to get more information from Aurélie Poelvoorde ? Don’t hesitate to contact her by mail or Christophe I promise you, you won’t regret !

Pegasius55 (16)

Liliane Verstreken,
Author & Writer at ConFestMag
Model – Actor – photographer - musician - horse rider

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